560 Miles in 6 Days: Camille Herron Sets New Women’s World Record Run

American ultrarunner Camille Herron has set another world record.

This time, Herron ran 560.33 miles (901.8km) to set a new women’s six-day world record at the 2024 lululemon FURTHER event in La Quinta, California.

The event ran March 6-12 to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8. New Zealand’s Sandra Barwick set the previous record of 549.063 miles in Australia in 1990, a record that’s stood for 34 years.

Herron broke that record by more than 11 miles and also achieved at least 12 interim world records and milestones along the way. Her effort comes out to an average pace of at least 15:22 per mile over the entire six days. This includes hours of stopped time, which Herron used for sleeping, resting, eating, drinking, and more.

The race was held on a 2.55-mile loop made up of largely dirt. Herron ran 220 laps.

Here are the records, world bests, and other milestones that Herron hit en route. This was Herron’s approximate record progression through the six days:

  • 48-hour USATF American road record – 247.7 miles (Her IAU world record and USATF American track record still stand at 270.5 miles from her 2023 effort at the time-based event.)
  • 300 miles – 59:54:58 (hours:minutes:seconds)
  • 500 kilometers – 62:50:45
  • 3 days – 342 miles
  • 600 kilometers – 81:23:38
  • 400 miles – 88:34:26
  • 4 days – 429.8 miles
  • 700 kilometers – 98:33:59
  • 800 kilometers – 117:44:55
  • 500 miles – 118:19:17
  • 5 days – 501.7 miles
  • 900 kilometers – 142:40:58
  • 6-day IAU world best performance benchmark – at least 560 miles

A big hat tip to the record-tracking and record-visualizing of the folks in the Running Through Time Facebook group, who closely followed this event and Herron’s splits and shared them in a public forum.

Uniquely, the ultrarunning record marks reached during this event are managed by different entities, a combination of governing bodies and nonprofits.

The 48-hour mark is recognized as a world record by the governing body International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) and, in the U.S., an American record for this time-based event is managed by the governing body USA Track and Field (USATF), divided into track and road surfaces.

The six-day mark is considered by the IAU as a world-best performance. All the other records listed above are tracked by the nonprofit Global Organization of Multi-Day Ultramarathoners (GOMU).

Source: https://explorersweb.com/560-miles-6-days-new-womens-world-record-run/

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Abelson Sets Pending World Tricks Record At Masters Qualifier

Jake Abelson (Holderness, N.H.) set his second pending men’s world tricks record in the past two weeks on Friday at the Nautique Masters Qualifying Series 1 event at Lake Ledbetter in Winter Garden, Fla.

Abelson scored 12,970 points – the highest score among all competitors in either round of the tournament – in round 2 to earn a spot in the 2024 Nautique Masters. If approved by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, the score will eclipse the current world record of 12,690 points held by Mexico’s Patricio Font.
The 64th Nautique Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament, presented by GM Marine, will be held May 25-26 at Callaway Gardens’ Robin Lake in Pine Mountain, Ga.

Abelson also set a pending men’s world tricks record of 12,720 points on April 28 at the Ski Fluid Classic in Polk City, Fla.

Font has a pending world tricks record of 12,770 points in review by the IWWF that he set on April 20 at the Swiss Pro Tricks in Clermont, Fla. Abelson, 16, had set a pending Open Men national tricks record of 12,230 points at that tournament.

Great Britain’s Joel Poland set a pending world overall record of 2,674 points at the Ski Fluid Classic after scoring 1 at 41 off in slalom, 11,680 points in tricks and 231 feet in jump. Poland is the current men’s world overall record holder (2,670.62 points).


Source: https://www.usawaterski.org/news/2024/april/29/abelson-sets-pending-world-tricks-record

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Three Russians parachute from stratosphere to North Pole

MOSCOW, April 19 (Reuters) – Three Russians set a world record for parachuting from the Earth’s stratosphere to the North Pole last week in a mission that also served as a test of a new prototype communications system for use in the Arctic, an organiser of the venture told Reuters.
Mikhail Korniyenko, Alexander Lynnik and Denis Yefremov hurled themselves from an Ilyushin-76 plane at a height of 10,500 metres (34,450 feet) and spent about two and a half minutes in freefall before opening their chutes 1,000 metres above the ground. The descent was captured in a spectacular video.
All three suffered some frostbite to their cheeks, despite wearing heated masks, said organiser Nikita Tsaplin. As they plunged at a speed of more than 300 km/h, the air temperature of around -50 Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) felt like -70C (-94F).
They landed near Russia’s Barneo polar base, where Tsaplin said they were able to power up a server using diesel generators and establish a connection to a satellite. The equipment had been dropped earlier from a lower altitude.
Communications in the Arctic are likely to take on greater importance as nations including Russia, the United States and China compete there for resources, trade routes and military advantage.
Tsaplin said the Russians were able to send data via an experimental system, though he acknowledged at this point it had nothing like the capabilities of U.S.-based Iridium Communications Inc, which provides coverage from both the Earth’s poles.
“Of course, our solution is a prototype, but still we managed, from our server, to connect with our satellite and to transfer data,” said Tsaplin, who is managing partner and co-founder of Russian hosting provider RUVDS.
“Sure, it’s not Iridium just yet, but we made some small steps in that direction and that was actually the task – to see how realistic it would be to build a low-cost solution in order to get access from a computer to a satellite.”
Source: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/three-russians-parachute-stratosphere-north-pole-2024-04-19/
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